W.H.Y. Resources, an Alberta-based company, has applied to start an open pit Magnesium mine just 7.5 km from Rossland. If approved, this operation will run 12 hours a day, seven days a week with ore trucks directly passing through the cities of Rossland, Warfield, and Trail. The mine poses a severe threat to our environment, the well-being of our community, and our beloved biking/hiking trails such as a portion of the Seven Summits Trail. There has been limited public consultation and there are extensive community concerns, including:

  • Health impacts from air pollution
  • Water quality impacts
  • Noise impacts
  • Sensitive ecosystem destruction
  • Disturbance of prime recreational areas
  • Archeological concerns
  • Socio-Economic impacts
  • Wildlife and wildlife habitat loss
  • Stress on water resources

All the proceeds from the raffle tickets will be going to the SRRAC Go Fund Me to help with the fight to stop this mine project from moving forward. These contributions will be used to fund SRRAC activities including:

  • Acquiring expert environmental services for independent reviews of the full mine permit application and other environmental research in support of our objective.
  • Communications to raise awareness and mobilize support.
  • Ongoing legal assistance in preparation of submissions and navigating the regulatory process; we have an amazing environmental lawyer who is working closely with us on each step of this battle.
  • Administrative Costs, such as banking, printing and filing fees.

If you would like to read more, please follow the link below for the SRRAC Go Fund Me:

*To ensure all proceeds go to the cause, shipping will NOT be included*