9x12" Acrylic on canvas. Sunspot cabin in the Rossland Range.

    "Somewhere on Franklin"

    18x36" Acrylic on canvas. Franklin Island, Georgian Bay, ON.

    "JackRabbit Jaunt"

    8x24" acrylic on canvas. A view of the "Jackrabbit" trail at Georgian Nordic, Ontario.

    "Old Glory"

    12x36" Arcylic on wood panel. Old Glory as seen from Red Mountain, Rossland, BC.

    "French River"

    10x 20" Acrylic on canvas. A majestic windswept pine beside the French River on a stormy day.

    "Where I'd Rather Be"

    24x48" The view from a Muskoka Cottage during sunset (commission).

    "Mountain Commission"

    24x48" Acrylic on canvas. Flowy sky above some rugged, flowy mountains.


    10x10" acrylic on canvas. A view of Ymir peak while cruising around Whitewater Resort.

    "Old Glory"

    10x10" Acrylic on canvas. Old Glory as viewed from Elgood.


    12x12" Acrylic on canvas. Booty's cabin warming in the winter sun on Strawberry Pass.

    "No Good on Elgood"

    12x12" Acrylic on canvas. A depiction of my daily ski adventures up Elgood near Rossland, BC.

    "Little Moonrise"

    6x12" Acrylic on wood panel.

    Still snowy sentinels illuminated by the moon on Strawberry Pass.

    "Purpley Purple Sunset"

    Acrylic on 12x16" oval. Snowy sentinels in the Kootenay Pass during a spectacular sunset.

    "Bear by Vogue"

    9x12" A bear with expression! and colour...

    "Another Good Day"

    11x14" Acrylic on Wood.

    A starry night sky above Rossland, BC.

    "From My Driveway"

    12x12" Acrylic on canvas.

    A view of the sunset above Miners Hall and Mt. Roberts in Rossland, BC.